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Can someone ask D. Stahl, when is Sto coming out of Alpha and when is the Beta released. !!

Those that are going, dont get caught up in the Star trek atmos after meeting some of the guests( met most of them already and haven't washed my hands since )and actually think D.stahl and the other Devs are the second coming and forget to ask them some serious questions.

I want to see/read that they couldn't do there usual cherry pick easy Ask Cryptic questions, but some had the nads to ask them some serious questions.

Doubt it though.

Anyway, anyone got any "serious" questions to ask the panel?

I don't have any that wouldn't get me slapped or disintegrated.
From the man himself - "And as far as Season 7 being "grindy" - welcome to the MMORPG genre"

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