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08-03-2012, 02:04 PM
Ginzuishou (Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit) - Tribute to Sailor Moon.
Radiant (Patrol Escort) - Continuing a line of shining/shimmering style names.
Fortitude (Odyssey Star Cruiser) - Sort of continues a line of names involving forts.
Hephaestus (Exploration Cruiser Retrofit) - For a Vulcan engineer. Get it? Vulcan engineer.
Opal Sea (Odyssey Star Cruiser) - Just sounded good for a Betazoid doctor.
Firebrand (Odyssey Star Cruiser) - Continuing a line of patriotic/revolutionary names, for a Bajoran.

Song of Horror (Kar'Fi Battle Carrier) - Continues a line of "Song of..." ships, including Song of Ire, Song of Malice, etc. For an Orion scientist.
Phantom Flare (Qin Heavy Raptor) - A stealthy blaster.
Tankertoy (Bortas Heavy Battle Cruiser) - A haven for a joined Trill engineer.

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