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Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
It is interesting that Cryptic does not issue receipts for in-game purchases. This practice is extremely unfriendly to the consumer and I doubt the courts would look upon it favorably if some kind of civil dispute arose.

And, in many States, filing a civil suit in small claims court (where lawyers often are not allowed) is quite easy and cheap. In your particular case, the filing fees might be more than the actual amount of money in question, but there is the possibility of being awarded the fees plus your time, plus in some cases, punitive damages.

Since Cryptic does not issue receipts, there is a good chance to win if Cryptic cannot provide a detailed and accurate accounting of all money you spent on the game and what it was used for. It might not be a good use of your time, but you should at least know about this option if you really want to pursue the issue.

Quite frankly, the fact that Cryptic does not issue consumers receipts for the items they purchase is quite disturbing and certainly would not be favorable to them in any legal proceedings.
Ugh! This is rather alarming!

Was going to support this game by purchasing some pre-paid cards to unlock a few C-store items but after reading this, not too sure.

It's almost like buyer beware!

Hard to believe there's no record of your purchase?! I'd hate to spend my money and have my items disappear on me.

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