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08-03-2012, 04:20 PM
3 lvl 50s

Exeider - Eng - U.S.S. Ralph Reuss III - named after my dad, who died like 2 months before the game came out.

Traxx - Sci - U.S.S. Interpid-X - Loved the intrepid refit, got a good strong set of consoles, and since the Galaxy - X is named so because of it's special ability, I decided to name mine with an X for the same reason

Damar - Tac - U.S.S. WhiteStar - I have a cardy captain, I named it the White Star because if you take a MVAM Escort and use the right settings on the nacelles/pylons and hull, you can make it look like the WhiteStar from Babylon 5.