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I guess I'll just copy and paste my chars biography that was never re-read, written in 5 minutes and never revised for grammatical errors lol.


Species: Maidenian
Planet: Maide Colonized Planet: New Maide ( English )

Mewi former Ambassador of the Matriarch Sect of Maide ( a planet on the outer edges of the Delta Quadrant. Boarding a freighter to form diplomatic relations with a neighbouring planet, suddenly entered an undetectable and collapsing wormhole which lead to the Beta Quadrant near Federation territory.

The freighter carrying 1,232 Maide citizens was stranded, and was heavily damaged. Causaulties were high, a ship the U.S.S Valkyrie had collided with the Freighter. However due to a distress beacon sent out by the USS Valkyrie the Maidenians were rescued shortly thereafter.

Commendations were sent out for the USS Valkyrie, as all 323 crew members were killed on impact due to an inertial dampening failure from the collapsing wormhole.

Later a colony as established within federation territory called New Maide ( English ) and Mewi for her diplomatic advocacy and past heroisms was granted the rank of Captain ( 2406 ) To represent the Maidenian colonists and a ship.

At her request to Starfleet Operations, the ship was renamed "U.S.S. Valkyrie"

Q: Why are all Maidenians Female?
A: All Maidenians are female due to rivalry of the opposite gender, which developed a retrovirus in which was suppose to effect opposing nation races, however instead targeted the male chromosome of Maidenians and before a cure could be surmised all male Maidenians were extinct.

Through costly research no cure could be found, so female sperm ( no male chromosomes ) was created VIA bonemarrow with high birthrate failures. However, this was quickly remedied, and the population recovered after 400 years of female only reproduction.

Simply being elected Mother or rather Mothers through this process was a surprise to most for centuries, but became common place once the methods were perfected.

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