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  • The audio timing for gravity well has been improved.
  • Unique Doffs should now display the gold rarity border.
  • Localized guild event times should now be more accurate.

  • Starbase Fleet Defense (20 player)
  • Awards 3 times as many fleet tokens as before in order to bring it in line with the reward structure of other Fleet Mark missions.
  • No-win scenario:
  • Fleet mark rewards updated.
  • Early stages grant slightly more marks.
  • The reward amount increases rapidly at higher waves, especially after wave 5.
  • Removed bio-neural warhead platform from wave 4.
  • Later waves have appropriately fewer launchers.

  • There is now a CXP to Fleet Mark exchange on your Fleet Starbase!
  • The console is located in Ops for both factions
  • Rate: 10,000 CXP grants 75 Fleet Marks
  • 100 on Critical Success
  • These are now available to players that have more than 110,000 CXP in a single category