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# 1 some 1v1 fun!
08-03-2012, 04:03 PM
so i discovered the number of people who think they can beat a lowly recon ship is hilerious!

i was sittin in the kerrat sector and kerrat itself just saying that i fly my recon like an escort!

the number of pm's and messages i got saying you cant fly a science ship like an escort and that i must be stupid. so i played a couple people in 1v1.

one dude in an escort thought he was "toying" with me by being in an mvam and didnt use the attack mode. i killed him and he said
"no its time to get serious"

so he use attack mode and managed to kill me, he was all happy go lucky so i said- again?

we went at it again and i killed him, said "impossible!" and then we chatted a bit about what i used and how i used it.

dont think i convinced him though my recon was flown like an escort sadly :/

was fun all around for both of us

then a second dude accepted the 1v1 and wehn he actually saw me he warped out and said "i dont fly against pvp'rs"

i was kind of confused by this...

ah well.

pew pew!

long live the SCIENCE!