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IT depends on my character.

My old main used USS Excalibur on a Sov cruiser. I would put it on a Constitution refit but... When I was a kid growing up I had a TOS technical manual. In it there was a long list of NCC numbers and names. Another Constitution class was USS Excalibur NCC 1705. I thought the name was cool and fromt then on always imagined myself as the Captain of that ship while Kirk was flying around in his.

My Current main uses the USS Iapetus. Why? Because I think its an awesome sounding name. I first heard it in the boardgame Solar Quest. It's one of the moons of Saturn.

My Klingon uses the yaybom. Way back when I was on a MUSH called ATS. In it I always flew around in a ship called the yaybom. I've never been able to seperate that ship from tha tKlingon. So when I remade that Klingon here I had to bring back that ship.

One of my Tellarite captains uses USS Challenger. I origionally created that character to join a fleet that was going to try and RP being all on the same ship the US challenger. Unfortuantly that experiment failed almost immediately but I liked the ship design and name so I kept it.

On my Nauscian named Klaxem I have the IKS Torgoh. It's basically just named after that bumbling guy you see on MST3k. It amuses me.

My caitian has an Atrox Carrier named the Tigers Claw. It is named after carrier in the game Wing Commander. Its kinda amusing concidering the Caitians are basically Kilrathi

My other characters dont really have main ships yet. Alot of times Ill just hit random on a new ship and just keep what sounds acceptable.
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