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Technically, if you were traveling at Warp 10, everything really would look like you were traveling at Warp nuthin', since at Warp 10 you're moving at infinite speed and occupy every location simultaneously.
No dude, you can't use that episode on Voyager because it didn't make any sense and was only a theory. Later that season they used slipstream drive which moves faster than warp ten and the didn't become omni present and they didn't even make it home. It completely contradicted that warp 10 theory. You also forgot that in "All Good Things," the Enterprise went Warp 13 to get out of the Klingon space because the cloak was damaged.

Research things before you blurt things.

In an alternative future, around the turning point of the 24th to 25th century, warp factor values beyond warp 10 were again used to describe extremely fast speeds. (TNG: "All Good Things...")
■ Warp factor 13. The Enterprise-D traveled at warp 13 in the incident concerning the temporal anomaly in the Devron system. (TNG: "All Good Things...")

In the October 1995 issue of OMNI, science advisor Andre Bormanis stated the idea of warp factors beyond 10 in the alternative future was in a recalibration of the warp scale, as ships had gotten faster. Maybe warp 15 was set to be the transwarp threshold instead, according to Bormanis, and warp 13 in that scale would have been the equivalent of warp 9.95 of the previous scale.