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08-03-2012, 05:30 PM
Both the "Development Report" and "Recruitment Report" use Advisors. Perhaps another specialization could be chosen.

Military, Engineering, and Science do not have a specific required profession like the others.

Also, there seems to be variability among the missions for success rates when slotting appropriate officers of the same quality with the same number of traits.

For example:

Espionage Report - Very Rare, Security Officer, 1 Critical trait - Success- 79%/Crit- 21%
Engineering Report - Very Rare, WC Eng., 1 Critical trait - Success 81%/Crit- 19%
Recruitment Rep. - Very Rare, Advisor, 1 Critical Trait - Success 81%/Crit- 19%

Should these be equal?

Otherwise it will be a great addition for heavy DOFFers and I look forward to using it on live.

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