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Originally Posted by dredizzy619 View Post
I need you all to see if i got the right builds for pvp and pve.

ODYSSEY Cruiser, engineer character:

Lt. Commander Universal:

TAT. Officer - fire at will 1, torpedo spread 2, attack pattern omega 1.

Lieutenant TAT:

tactical team 1, attack pattern beta 1.

Commander Engineering:

Emergency power to shields 1 and 2, Emergency power to weapons, Aceton beam 2.

Lieutenant Science:

Science team 1, Feedback Pulse 1.

Ensign Science:

Polarize Hull 1.

My consoles area...

Fore Weapons: Quantum Torpedo Xll [crtd] [crth] [borg]

Hargh'Peng torpedo Xl

2 Antiproton dual beam banks Xl [Acc] [crth] [borg]

Aft Weapons: 2 Antiproton beam arrays Xll [Acc] [crth] [borg]

Quantum Torpedo Xl [crtd] [crth] [borg]

Antiproton beam array Xl [Acc] [crth] [borg]

All M.A.C.O. Xll set

Engineering Consoles: 2 rare SIF generators Xl

Electroceramic hull plating Xll

nuetronium alloy Xl

Science Consoles: rare Field Generator Xl

2 rare Emitter arrays Xl

Tactical Consoles: 2 uncommon Antiproton Mag Regulators Xl

I hope ill have your help and support.
Read this:

And look for the odissey. That's the best approach, IMO much betterthan yours.
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