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# 1 STO has lost my steam wallet
08-03-2012, 06:32 PM
I was attempting to buy $50 worth of zen to pick up the oddyssey pack. Prior to this STO and Steam ahve worked flawlessly together for me. I clicked buy zen, chose the amount and hit buy.....AND NOTHING HAPPENS! (sorry, movie quote)

Anyway, I check my steam account and wait a bit to make sure the charge hasnt gone through, then try again. The buy zen window comes up but claims it is still waiting for a response from steam on a previous request. After several minutes of this I figure something got borked in communication. So I close the game, close steam, and use task manager to make sure they are both completely closed, then fire up steam and STO again as normal and try again.

Only now, instead of popping up the usual select amount screen, the buy zen button minimizes the client and takes me to the perfect world buy zen website, where there is no option for using my steam wallet. So somehow, despite being launched from steam and having the steam overlay enabled, STO seems to think I no longer have a steam wallet?

For the record, my steam account has not (as of this writing!) been charged the $50. I am not calling ripoff here, I just want to know how to get my "buy with steam" option back in the game. I wants my Oddy pack!