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08-03-2012, 07:09 PM
Hey guys!

Glad we're friends in-game finally, Voporak.

So, I went to DS9 earlier today, to try and find the Jumba (I think) stick for O'Brian, but everytime I went to even move around my entire game lagged. Then, all of a sudden, it crashed. I thought I was gonna have to restart my laptop a few times...

Does DS9 usually do that? It was my first time there.

Since yesterday or the day before, I've leveled up to Lt. Cmdr. (11). YEAH!!! I finally have my own ship which I chose a Cruiser from TOS.

I really want the Confederation ship from TOS, but I gotta have like 500 Zen.

I've been doing a daily refinement of Dilithium, which so far, I have maybe between 3000-4000. Which I've been told only adds up to like.... 15 Zen.

Honestly, I feel like breaking down and buying a Zen card from walmart or something... Is it worth it?

I'll do some more dilithium mining for the next week or so, maybe 2 weeks, see how much I can acquire.

How is everyone doing otherwise?

I've been sick now, since Monday. The game and sleep has been my ONLY sanity at all.

Hit me up on here or in-game, ya'll! I'm EST time.

Live Long and Prosper!

Live Long and Prosper

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