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Originally Posted by sdkraust View Post
You know how I deal with ISE when people don't do the 10% thing properly?

Torpedo BoP with a Tac Captain.

People can't seem to knock 10% of these things in a volley. Both my Eng and Tac can do it. When I use my Tac I have a Bob and make sure I get <%20 Hull when the Transformers blow. I then do the Go Down Fighting ultimate combo and end up with ~15K DPS on each of my 3 Torps (I run 3 Torp - 1 DHC).

Takes the thing down as long as I get good Crits.

That and repulsor + evasive + eject plasma/vent theta is a real easy way for a single ship to save the optional.

It is annoying to see many of the ISE PUGs use the so-called 'optimal' 8 antiproton beam array loadout aggressively touted by some. They have literally zero stopping power against Elite borg spheres.
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