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Originally Posted by rickpaaa View Post
More than anything, I wish that I could figure out how to make use of PMs in this new forum. I would also love to have the gift of being able to make a point without being pissy.

The rule is fair, but changing them, and the timing of the change isn't. Oh well.

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We are trying to be fair to our fleet members. But right now, we are trying to properly figure out the appropriate blend. With so few provisions, we have to limit who has access to them. Fleet contribution is a great way to determine who has given to the fleet. The idea is to not allow the provisions to be spent by people who do not participate.

The timing is going to be bad due to the fact this feature was added after the fleet was created. If this feature were in place when we formed the fleet, we would have been able to determine everything then.

However, please keep in mind this is just an official announcement of an unwritten determination the Masters were already using. All of the cats I have promoted to Elite had 100,000+ contribution to begin with. We just set a number to what we were already doing.

So really, nothing has changed. You just now know about it.
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