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08-03-2012, 08:52 PM
We have explosions, but we have no bombs to attach to stuff.

We have 3 varieties of ceilings and floors.

We have a total of 3 walls to use for a federation ship. 3 walls! And the walls don't even fit each other! And that is more than can be said for a kdf interior.

We have like 8 fed doors that open. 1 that doesn't. And the one that doesn't, doesn't even match the ones that do! Try to work with that, when changing the state of a door from locked to open.

We have to create sickbays from scratch. Yes, how many sickbays are in STO, do you figure? Foundry authors get 0.

We have a brig that can't be opened or closed.

We have no food.

We desperately need all kinds of stuff from ship interiors, but those props (made 2 years ago) are nowhere to be seen.

So many, many things that the official missions use (like a med-kit) are just missing.

These are just a few examples of stuff that should be obvious, since they are commonly used in dev missions. We have none of it.

That is frustrating. Please fix.

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