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My Fed Engineer's cruisers ended up sharing names with Shuttles (Endeavour, Challenger, Discovery, etc), mostly because both have a tendency to be named for famous vessels of exploration.

My Fed Tac has spent most of his career in the Akira-class (now refitted to Armitage specs) USS Washington. I got it from a semi-canon list of Akira names on Memory Beta. As the dedication plaque reads: "First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen."

With my Fed Sci, I tried to follow the class schemes of all her ships. Her Nova-class mini-Sov was USS Solstice, after the example of the Equinox; her Horizon-class was USS Moraine (significant boundaries like "Equator" or "Shoreline"; a moraine is the berm of earth pushed up at the front of a glacier). For an Intrepid ala Voyager, USS Dolphin (from another Memory Beta list, if I recall, almost certainly named for the research sub). And finally, the Luna-class USS Europa should need no explanation.

My Klingon Tac's ships were... colorful. His first command was the Quch'Hoh ("Joyful Murder" or something along those lines); when it was lost in a raid, he was given the Qul mI'wI ("Fire Dancer"). Then came "Blood Drinker"/"Drinker of Blood". He currently commands the Qin-class IKS Koloth, named (of course) for the legendary captain.

Finally, my Gorn Eng named his Freighter "S'yahazah", the Egg Bringer.
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