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Hello there. I am as new as it gets in the game and the thing i am finding hard to get myself into is the complex lore of Star Trek. In this thread i hope to get some knowledge from you guys about what i should watch (as in series, movies) to get some much needed info in order to improve my gaming experience and general understanding of the ST universe.

I'v always found ST interesting but never have i watched enough of it to get a good grip on it's idea, characters, technology... I suppose you can understand the difference between me and a true fan when we see a photon torpedo... i have no idea how it works, who first used it, when, why etc... or when someone mentiones captain Kirk and all i know about him is that he's famous for something i'm not aware of. I really do want to learn more about ST and that's why i ask you, the fans, to tell me in which order i should watch the series and movies ( that would be chronologically logical).

Also, if it's not too much to ask, i would like to see some nice way to get info on the technology that i'll see in the series/movies/game ( ofc i could google it but considering i can't really tell if something is true or not ( because i know so little) i could get into sites with bad info or just bad explinations).

Oh and sry about my english. It's not my native and i'm not that good at it.