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Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
I'm interested in your take of the Fleet Norgh vrs the Fleet Hoh'Sus
The thing that the fleet Norgh gives you is an extra Lt. Commander universal slot instead of a Lieutenant slot. Don't get me wrong; you can do a lot with an extra Lt. Commander level power - I'd certainly trade that over an extra ensign any day. But with the Norgh you pay a very heavy price in terms of shields and hull. Frankly I don't think it's a trade I would be willing to make as BoPs are pretty crunchy as it is. I wouldn't mind seeing a Fleet Norgh build that lets you take advantage of this, if anyone can figure out one, but offhand I can't think of anything that would be worth giving up a third of your hull and a fifth of your shields for, and remember that this is in comparison to a free ship and the Fleet Norgh is a paid ship.

The Fleet Hoh'sus has an improvement in stats over the Hegh'Ta and also has a bonus tac console, so if you are using a BoP as a tactical ship then it is a decent buy. And though it's firepower is not quite as high as a Qin it does have that awesomely high turn rate.

I would like to see the stats for the Norgh beefed up and it is possible that PWE may do this. Likewise I feel that the K'T'Ingas need beefing up as do the Somraws, and the Scourge could use a small tweak of improvement.

Frankly if the K'T'Inga retrofit stats were simply identical to the Vor'Cha I probably would get one because I love how it looks. But considering how badly it performs compared to a Vor'Cha I won't be bothering. The same idea applies with the Norgh, although the Boff layout change at least gives you some kind of reason to buy one. But I might end up getting the Fleet Hoh'Sus. It is not #1 on my list but it is at least on it.