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08-04-2012, 04:08 AM
My brother called me up and told me the Foundry was up and online. It has a few new GUI features. But I am not impressed. I bet you are directly related to the people who bought New York from the Native Americans for a handful of beads.

zer0niusrex, I normally play and work with the sound muted on most games. My brother informed me that your team actually managed to make it worse. It will probably be another year before this stuff is fixed but here is a short list of things I noticed right away.

- Beam in/out sound is just annoying when editing. I am editing not playing.
- Very clunky especially when editing costumes. Almost as if there is a lag. IF this is a lag you could fix it very easy with an offline back up file.
- I miss dragging the maps around. I don't know if the option is available but instead I get a green selection box.
- No real "usable" assets were added. We need new building materials. We need FULL access wardrobe. I know this is not as complicated as your team makes it sound. These items are stored on our hard drives in the hogg files and all the foundry needs to do is be allowed access to them.

Suggestions; Make the Foundry tool a separate executable for easy upgrade and patches. You won't need to take the game down to update the Foundry. Allow the Foundry to function offline and upload the changes to the missions. This will prevent lags and work flow will increase.

It is not that I don't appreciate the fact that STO is free to play, or the hard work of past developers. To the average player it might seem like that is asking a lot. But my brother and I have done tons of work in 3D, graphics, and programming. We are just 2 people, you must have more than 2 or 3 people working on your team?