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08-04-2012, 04:25 AM
The two ships I have that are presently seeing the highest usage are a defiant and scourge retrofit.

I named the defiant U.S.S. Chivalrous. It's from the school of naming that picks a quality that I hope the ship and her crew will embody. I wanted the name to tie in with other ships of the escort class like the Defiant and Valiant: Particularly the Valiant as I imagined Chivalrous being a 40 year old vessel that was intended as her sister ship. She's got some dents and a seen a few refits but she's a fighter.

The scourge is I.K.S. yIQongtaH. I'm reasonably confident I got the syntax right but it's meant as declaration to an enemy, "You sleep forever!". It's an allusion to impending death as a consequence of not being vigilant. Sadly the borg cubes in elite STFs don't seem to understand Klingon and one shot me with alarming frequency.

My fed science officer is still in command of her Intrepid. I went with U.S.S. Yuris as a nod to Enterprise and the vulcan doctor/researcher who took a stand for mind-melding vulcans. The medical bit was nice but a liked the idea of a touchstone for for vulcan civil rights.