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08-04-2012, 04:31 AM
We did get some things that the patch notes didn't list. For example there are fed based doors now that open and close without walls. I've been busy doing other things to really dig though.

I do agree that more is better, and would like to see every game prop somewhere in the foundry at some time.

Although I am not necessarily in the "Cryptic, I am Disappoint" crowd atm, especially only 3 days after this major update, I am disheartened by past examples of things we have asked for heavily that were never received. (Case in point being the active contact immortality that only came to be after a dev made a mission where it was a problem, despite us asking for it repetitively on the forums near a year prior).

I see no reason why now, after this guts update to the system, we won't be getting a steady stream of assets and features newly added as they come. So Cryptic, do your best not to make my faith misplaced.