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08-04-2012, 05:18 AM
Add me to the list of experienced 3d artist. Went to school for it, am currently a dev for a MMO (a small independent company so progress is slow as the team is small atm) that is slow going but still happening, and yes, it literally takes 3 or less minutes to make some assets, especially such simple little props like food, medkits, etc etc.

But playing devil's advocate I can only surmise that the Devs are "tossing stuff" into the Foundry when it comes to the "object assets" vs the Maps and not worrying about the purpose behind these static objects.

I would also love to see a costume "save" feature added like our characters have, it would REALLY save time if i could load a preset costume to an Orion/alien etc and not remake NPC's from scratch barring if those NPC's already existed in a project copy used for template.

This all being said, I am grateful for new things and maps we have received so far.