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If you really want to go chronological, though, you'd have to start at Enterprise, then The Original Series, then The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and finally Voyager, though TNG's end and DS9's start overlap, and VOY starts I think during season 5 or 6 of DS9. Your call whether you want to do the back and forth. Just settle in cause you're signing up for upwards of 700 hours of homework.
Season's 6 and 7 of Next Generation overlap with season 1 and 2 of Deep Space Nine. Season 1 of Voyager starts up during Deep Space Nine's third season and overlaps Until DS9 ends during Voyagers fifth. Voyager started late and didn't have a full first season so Generations takes place before Voyager starts up during the couple of months where DS9 was the only one on television.
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