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08-04-2012, 06:43 AM
About "Enterprise":
It is actually more fun to watch it after the others.

I'm currently start of DS9 Season 6 with my wife, we started beginning of the year to watch all of Star Trek. Sometimes we watch half a season on a single weekend, sometimes we don't watch for two weeks at all.
After DS9 we will watch Movies 7-9, then Voyager, then Nemesis.
So far she likes DS9 the most, with the Ferengi and Garak Episodes her favs.
Although she came aware of Star Trek via Voyager.
First episode an opera singing doctor, she instantly fell in love with the EMH.

Oh, and they do know about the Dominion War on Voyager, and do know the Maquis got destroyed by a certain Cardassian/Dominion Alliance.