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The rule is fair, but changing them, and the timing of the change isn't. Oh well.
I understand the frustration of limiting provisions and then moving the goalposts after a system has gone live but this is very much a work in progress for all of us. In hindsight this would have been set up at the start but its difficult to tell how the system will work until we see it in action. fleet leaders are learning just as much as the rest of the fleet is about how it all works. there is never a good time to change something but it wont be any better the longer its left.

At the moment we are very much concerned that someone could steal everyone's hard work. not necessarily tomorrow or next week but perhaps 6 month or a year down the line so we have to plan for all occasions and a few extra restrictions that are not that difficult to overcome will be a huge benefit in the long run to save anyone trying to steal all of our hard work. sadly being generous and trusting may work 99.9% of the time but its the 0.1% that we have to account for.

We could change it again in the future based on experience of how its working or if cryptic make a change to the system (which they more than likely will at some point knowing them). so expect this to be quite fluid.

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