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08-04-2012, 09:45 AM
Welcome to the game, I am newer to it as well I have had it for a few months but haven't had time to play as much as I'd like. Between two jobs I work 60hrs a week, family, two kids, and all that it is tough to get on, I basically game at night. I read you like a lot of the fan fiction? Very cool. Do you do any roleplaying? I have a good small fleet I RP with and know all of the larger ones as well. This is an awesome game truly because it gives hardcore star trek fans a graphic environment to write our own fan fiction basically. I have recently got a LTS and have to say it is really worth it, definitely anyway at the discounted price I signed up at with the stipend and such.

As far as the zen card, did you download the game in steam? You might as well just add a credit card to your steam wallet and purchase zen that way it is really easy. Being a lifetime subscriber you get a 500zen/mo stipend. I still throw money at them though haha. A fast way to get a lot of dil early is to just use the dilithium exchange in game, selling zen for dil. Back when I first started playing I sold just a few c points and pulled 50,000 dilithium just to give you an example. Right now I am up to 250k dil, and several million EC buying and selling on the exchange. It just takes time and a lot of reading and tutoring to get know the mechanics of it all.

Hit me up in game @Phazerbank My fleet is Section 31. No other additives just the original Section 31, the fleets been around since beta. All of my character bio and such revolves around Starfleet intelligence. Look forward to saying hey in game! =)

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