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08-04-2012, 12:41 PM
Today we ran a few STF's to help replenish our DL supplies. We started with KASE which was going well until one of the 2 pugs we had let a probe through killing the optional. Donatra also kept disappearing every few seconds making her death slow. ISE was up next, we had no pugs this time, optional in hand, it was a success. We finished up with CSE. No pugs thankfully but a couple of us seemed squishier than normal. Between the triple speed HY Plasma's the Borg were firing and the one-shotting Neg's. We were about 2 minutes shy on the optional. Crappy drops all three STF runs with one expection for CAPTWinters. He managed to net a Prototech Borg Engine out of it. Congrats, Winters! Those seem to be the hardest to get.

Thank you to everyone who made an appearance at today's event. I hope to see you all again tomorrow and some more also.