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# 1 STF leaving penalty too harsh?
08-04-2012, 01:43 PM
OK, I'm aware there has to be a penalty to prevent people from just leaving an STF in progress for giggles/ragequit/griefing issues, but is an HOUR away from any group activity fair? For all the folks that leave an STF in progress for crap reasons, there are quite a few who just want the hell out of a PuG in Infected that's attacking both transformers while ignoring nanite spheres/probes (an example COMPLETELY unrelated to personal recent experience ). Honestly a half hour would do the job just as well, and most real life emergencies/dinner calls would force about a half hour minimum away from the game anyway. And while I hate to play the "that OTHER MMO does things differently" card, they use half hour "deserter" timers there and people feel free to drop from horrible groups while not doing it casually. Right now it seems like if you get stuck in a terrible group (a fairly common experience at the moment) your choices are getting stuck with them forever and punished that way, or leaving and getting punished by the game for a similar period of time. All for something you have absolutely no control over in the case of PuGs. At the least maybe lessen it based on time played; I know several people who've been stuck in a single STF for over an hour anyway, if they'd done the smart thing and left 30 min earlier they'd have been effectively screwed out of STFs for half their play time. If they can't do a damn thing to stop crappy PuGs, at least don't torment people for not being able to stand it any longer. A half hour away from everything is harsher than putting up with it (a timer for everything is worse than just a timer on one STF after all) but it's not taking away a huge chunk of playtime for somebody whose only crime is other people's stupidity.