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# 732 RE: Thread build and specs
08-04-2012, 03:51 PM
Well I have been running your spec for some time now and gotta say that its awesome no matter what i am doing or facing. Serious Pawnage!!!! Although I have to disagree with the maco shields as they Suck. I do better and have an easier time maintaning my shields with the full borg set instead of using the maco shields. I have also seen and heard alot of questions about what the best type of weapoins are. Really it all comes down to your own peferance. I have heard people say countless times that Phasers are the way to go..Pfft. Phaser disable 1 random system for 5 sec only, and after using every type I am not impressed with them.Plasma is nice for the added DOTbut still just ok. I perfer Disruptors alot better then any other weapon. 11.8 sec disruptor Breach that reduces the targets resistances. This is awesome becuase it allows everyone to take full advantage and waylay the target to no end and with the longest lasting time = Pawnage. I dont however use the STF weapons though. I use ones that I made from the R&D on the klingon side and sent them over to my Fed toon. I get all the bonuses with no downfalls and they do more dmg and dps then the STF borg gear does. At least till they improve or upgrade it.