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08-04-2012, 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
One Dev Archon's responses was:

"First off, every additional modifier takes additional time to make, as well as additional time for QA to test for functionality and balance."

This is unfortunate. I think I can say this for everyone here, that we recognize and appreciate all the time you invest into your work and efforts to make this game. However, this starbase grind although maybe fun for some players but for others mostly pvp players, it is not the reason why we play this game. We play for the PvP and its enhancements. Hence, we also are putting in our time and work, while we could be appreciating a good old pvp match. Most pvp fleets if not all, are working on their starbases. They are doing this to stay competitive in a very competitive community of players.

So, when you are as kind to let us know what details it takes to enhance these weapons, we at the same time fully recognize and understand what it takes. We too make an effort to acquire something that is not even worth it in this case.

Please recognize that if these weapons are made worth acquiring it would further progress the common goal of balancing the game. Example: Fleet ships have increased number of consoles, turn rate, hitpoints etc. One of the counters to this is better weapons and consoles. Childrens toys doff mission does offer a solution to this, however is not something readily available for most pvp players. It involves the acquisition of some very expensive and very very rare doffs to have tangible results. However, the biggest necessity to counter the "upping" of everything, is the upping of weapons.

More hitpoints, consoles, maneuverability, should all be met with more accuracy to inflict the necessary damage needed to counter those three categories.

I will also go on to say that the PvP community has worked hard to address some bugs in the past, and helped your work become easier by testing/finding problems with the game. In return, please make this starbase thing worth while for us too.

Thanks for your time.
PvP, Starbase, What? What is PvP? And the dev is right, dmg x4 is the best weapons u can get! Pretty obvious dmg means damage, which is what weapons should do right. Highest base dmg id even say the [dmg] mod is somewhat overpowered atm..

Especially since they buffed the quads.