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Fed side:

Gal-X, Defiant and Excelsior are Nonsuch, Hotspur and Sutherland respectively. Yes, I was re-reading Hornblower when I named them.

Intrepid variant is named Pathfinder because...well, that's her job. My engineering alt's cruiser is named Bastion for much the same reason.

Prometheus is named Temeraire after the French warship.

Atrox...toyed with Ark Federal as a nod to HMS Ark Royal, but she's currently Concordia, having been Tiger's Claw and Sivar. The kitty carrier associations were just too tempting...

Klingon side:

A Hegh'ta I've had for absolutely ages is named Qutluch after the assassin's dagger because that's pretty much how I fly her - decloak, knife you in the back and disappear.

The Negh'var is the Bat'leth (couldn't make Bet'leth qeyLis fit, even though I wanted to name it for the apocryphal B12-B class). The Vo'Quv is named Mek'leth to keep the weapon theme.

Vorch'a retrofit: K'mpec after the former Chancellor.

That just about covers it...I've got far too many ships
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