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08-05-2012, 12:09 AM
My Federation Engineer's ship is a Sovereign-class starship called the U.S.S. Defender. It's a name of the main ship in the Sci-Fi novel I been working on for a long time. And the Captain is also named after the Captain of that ship.

My Federation Tactical's ship is a Prometheus-Class called the U.S.S. Slipstream, because she really gives the appearance of fast.

My Federation Science character's ship is DSSV-class ship called the U.S.S. Frontier, named after my DTNE Entry, but the Intrepid-class he's flying now is called the U.S.S. Quantum Star.

My Klingon Tactical's ship is Qin-Class Raptor called the I.K.S. Ki'TaQ. It supposed to be named after a general that raised my Klingon Tactical, and is the main character of my First Foundry Mission.

My Klingon Science Captain's ship is a B'Rel-Refit called the Duj'Vaq, which I thought it fitting as it means Aggressive ship in Klingon. My Hegh'ta-BoP that came before basically meant Red Ponytail, which is a trait of my Trill Captain.

And finally, my Klingon Engineer's ship is an Negh'var-class, called the I.K.S. Hurgh'Hov. While to some it may appear to be an attempt to bypass the name filters, it is actual Klingon for Dark Star (Hurgh=Dark / Black Hov = Star). And yes, I got GM's approval just in case.