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Originally Posted by vexravus View Post
EDIT: Okay, I'm not sure if this is just a fluke or not, but I created a brand new mission and I don't seem to be getting the lag problem.
Based on past experience, I suspect it occurs as the mission gets larger. For example before the S4 patch the editor would become more laggy as you added more stuff to it. Dialogue trees in particular would lag the editor out completely. The more dialogue you added the worse it got. It was so bad that I was forced to create all my missions without text and couldn't add text until the editor was updated. Even with no dialogues I was still getting around 20+ second pauses after each edit (move something...wait 20 seconds, rotate...wait 20 seconds, edit a dialogue...wait 20 seconds).

It was horrible! It's a big reason why it took me so long to make my first mission, because half the time I was just sitting there waiting for the editor to finally catch up! Without the update I couldn't have even finished my missions because the editor would have become completely unusable long before I finished. It's simply not possible to use something where you have to wait 60 seconds after you edit one piece of text.

The good news is the current lag isn't quite as bad as that now. It's not absolutely debilitating, and you might be able to theoretically work through it, but it's still pretty bad. Unfortunately, it's bad enough that if it isn't fixed, I'm honestly not sure whether or not I'll be able to continue on creating missions.

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