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I'm having the same issue, also with the Scourge Retrofit (the 200,000 fleet credit ship, not the 20,000 + 4 modules one) but I'd assume the problem applies to the actual Fleet version as well. I also noticed that there are only a handful of different decal patterns available even if I did choose to pay to unlock them, compared with the 20 or so you can usually pick from.

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I don't know a special KDF side non-Klingon ship with options for material selection. I believe you can select some limited differences such as yellow or green glow on the 2 lower level Nausicaan ships. Definitely not on the Garumba. No choices on the Fed side with the D'Kyr, and Atrox.

----added later----

Actually the Atrox does provide choices for patterns, but not material.
The D'kora and Orb Weaver have skin and decal options on the KDF side. Changing the D'kora skin even changes the colour of the engines and side... thingies.

The pattern on the Orb Weaver can be hard to notice if you're not in brightly lit areas, but it's definitely there, although all the colours on your applied patterns have a blue tinge to them.