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Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
Well, I might add one too...

Title: Ghosts/Spirits of the Explorer, not sure which one to pick yet.
Description: TBA
Side: Federation
Starting Point: TBA
ID: Unknown
Rank: TBA, but at least 15 or 16+ due to featuring Devidians
Author: Well dalolorn, who else?!
Estimated Mission Length: TBA
Method of Delivery: Forum post, but this application is WAY too soon and just pointing out that there will (assuming the new Foundry actor display system doesn't scare me out of the Foundry before that) be a sequel to Exploratory Crisis that will need some reviewing.
I am getting ready to start reviewing Blood of the Paw, by Desdecardo and getting into the rest of the queue this morning. This mission is not actually ready to be reviewed yet correct?

Thanks for authoring,
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