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Originally Posted by aelogria View Post
No problem. Just be warned, its not to be taken seriously. And some of the reviews on there are from the very first version of it. Its taken me about 16 hours of total time to get it to where it is at now. Thats with the learning curve of learning the foundry from scratch.

Its best viewed with a beer at a good knowledge of 50s Scifi serials.
Hi Desdecardo,

I was about to review your mission, Blood of the Paw but cannot find it in the list. I searched by Title, author, and by Project ID with no luck. Did you pull it or did it not get put back in when they republished the missions post Season 6? Let me know. In the meantime I am going to move to the next mission in the queue and will come back to yours if I get the go ahead from you.

Thanks for authoring,
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