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Originally Posted by capnmanx View Post
The Romulan Star Empire in STO is not the same Star Empire that the Federation had the treaty with. It is a successor state. Whether or not the treaty would still apply is something lawyers could probably argue about for centuries.
Not really the current President of the Federation re-signed the Treaty of Algernon, and stated that the Federation has no interest in developing cloaking devices. The Treaty of Algernon is between the Federation, the Romulans, the Klingons and I think another party. The Romulans may not be the same Romulans we knew but they are still a significant threat.

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I think there is one Fleet Ship that players would be tripping over themselves to purchase, if they added it into the game: The TOS Constitution Cruiser. As a c-store ship it's great for a lower level players, but it quickly becomes obsolete. I know because I bought one. It served well until I outgrew it, and even then it's retro-fit phasers were carried over onto every other ship I flew.

If they were to create a fleet version of the TOS Constitution (complete with high tier weapon slots, console slots, and power levels), I'd think it would be a huge success.

CBS A.K.A. the owners of the Star Trek License have said no to the T5 Connie. Any hearsay or desire for a T5 Constitution, Miranda etc is irrelevant.
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