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08-05-2012, 10:11 AM
On IGN last night me and another KDFer cycled through three team changes as existing people dropped and new people joined. A couple of the droppers left shortly after I noticed they were hanging back (in another room, crouching) while everyone else fought the borg and I called them on it. We had been playing IGN for less than 5 minutes.

Obviously the leaver penalty is too light if so many people think so little of dropping the mission because they died a couple times. I wanted to finish the mission and get my EDC, but after a couple minutes of no new people joining, me and the other KDFer had to bail on it. An hour penalty is nothing.

The leaver penalty is there because STF's are team missions. When people bail on an STF it's not just their time they've wasted, it's other players' time as well. And sometimes, new people don't beam in and replace the leaver because folks aren't queued up, so that absence could very well end the mission for the others. Being able to basically screw four other people with no penalty doesn't seem very fair.

To be honest, STO should have training missions for STF's so players have a clue when they go in, or much better mission dialog. And there's still the problem of people that can't/won't listen to team chat and ruining an STF (or griefers doing it on purpose). I know there are calls for a team kick feature for STF's but that would get abused all to hell and back. Unfortunately, there is no way to make sure that PUGs will work flawlessly. If people queue up for a PUG then they take their chances, so they should be prepared to either finish the mission or take the penalty. If folks don't want the chance of taking the penalty then they shouldn't PUG.