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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Its high time the Borg were ERADICATED from the game and the universe

they are annoying , trivial and endemic (they are like TRIBBLES)

as the Borg were always intended to be an Apocolyptic threat and then be DEFEATED permanently.
so why do they now out number all other species in this game??

Issue us solid state projectile weapons
warp shells
and solid state precussive torps and lets clean house

Season 8 ?? Borgicide
The Borg were only believed to have been defeated permanently by time-traveling future Janeway. They had from 2378 to 2409 (31 years) to adapt to their new circumstances and rebuild the Collective.

We also don't know how big the Collective really was when future Janeway tried to kill them all. It's possible she wiped out only the Borg in certain areas, and that the Collective deep into other territories not controlled or patrolled by the Federation simply went about their business unseen until they had a way back into the Alpha Quadrant.

They're a hive mind. But no one ever said there was only one hive. In the 2370's, there were at least two Borg Queens in different areas (one defeated by the Enterprise, the other defeated by Voyager). What if the Collective is actually built up out of smaller "mini-Collectives"?

Originally Posted by sdkraust View Post
You get free ones across from where you get the Flashlights.
Didn't know that, as I haven't run an Incursion with Borg. But thanks, at least now we know.

By the way, they are also free to replicate.
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