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Picard seemed to embody more European socio-cultural values, he seemed very much in the mold of a European diplomat/statesman with a somewhat aristocratic bent, a strict adherence to protocol and rules, and an emotional detachment from his crew, and had a very "above the fray" sort of attitude. Whereas Kirk was very much the cowboy diplomat/leader type, a John F. Kennedy in space, not afraid to use his fists or a karate chop to solve a problem if need be, he gets in there and gets his hands dirty, he's down in the trenches with his crew, and will throw out rules and regulations if they get in the way of doing what's right or necessary; that's very American.
Ah I see what you mean. I disagree though he was very close to crusher & troi and a mentor to data plus he mellowed out enough to play poker with the crew by the end of the series. He wasn't the young, dashing, life loving character that kirk was, that was left to Riker. Picard is the most realistic captain in star trek.