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Greetings, fellow Federation players!

A while back, the Devs planned a playable Andorian starship, based on the Kumari-class battle cruiser from Star Trek: Enterprise (Link:

The Problem
Its Vulcan equivalent, the D'Kyr-class science vessel, entered the game. The problem for both ship types: the are from the mid-22nd century. Thus, their designs were approx. 250 years old by 2409. You could prevent that just the hull design was copied and the technology state-of-the-art. Still, some saw these ships (like the NX-class replica) as centuries old hunks.

The Solution
And now the solution: In Trek literature, which is a CBS-authorized source for STO, the recently published novel Fallen Gods featured the state of the art, approx. 600 meter long Shran-class battle cruiser. That's cool: The design is a direct descendant of the Kumari-class but the technology is state-of-the-art.

The I.G.W. Therin has a crew of 700 and even has a special device that could be turned into a console ability in-game: the Transporter Duplicator!

The Transporter Duplicator can create duplicates of persons (remember the Thomas Riker incident). I'm sure this could be adapted to a cool space combat ability. The Shran Battle Cruiser is heavy on weapons and outguns a Luna-class Recon Science Vessel.

In-game, the Shran Battle Cruiser could be the Escort counterpart to the Vulcan Science Vessel.

Links to have a look at: -- Visual impression -- Class-specific details -- The I.G.W. Therin
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