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I was trying to do the Vault Event today, and I ended up in a queue that would fill up, and then wait for the host to start.

... Five minutes later I am still waiting for the host to start.

So I leave the queue and re-join. Oh no. Its the same host as before.

Everyone else in the queue is raging at this guy, telling him to start the match, and he is ignoring all of us. I sat in the queue for over 20 minutes and finally reported him for griefing everyone doing the event.

First off, I can't add the guy to ignore because it only shows your captain's name in the event queue. There aren't any @handles on there so I can't ignore the guy since I don't know his account name.

Secondly, WHY don't we have a votekick option? One griefer ruined half of a whole one-hour event for every single player trying to finish the event at that time. How is this even allowed to happen?