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08-05-2012, 05:18 PM
We are a mature relaxed fleet where families and real lives come first and the game comes second. You won't hear any complaining if you have to be at work early tomorrow morning or need to get offline to help a spouse or change a diaper. We don't have labyrinthine rules or regulations. We're just a group of people with a lot in common and who have a lot of fun.

This Fleet is over one year old! Most of us are life members so we wanted something that will last a lifetime. Our fleet council aren't dictators. They're just members like everyone else. We believe that everyone should have a say in the direction of the fleet and we are all equals.

Once season 6 arrives, we'll be working together to build a starbase and making sure that everyone gets a chance to contribute.

Please check out our blogspot to read a little bit about our backstory or check out our website (TOSFLEET.COM) and the forums. If you are interested at all please fill out our short application and read a little bit more about us and get to know the members better. If we are not a good fit then there are no hard feelings. Different strokes...

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