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08-05-2012, 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by kamiyama317 View Post
I was trying to do the Vault Event today, and I ended up in a queue that would fill up, and then wait for the host to start.

... Five minutes later I am still waiting for the host to start.

So I leave the queue and re-join. Oh no. Its the same host as before.

Everyone else in the queue is raging at this guy, telling him to start the match, and he is ignoring all of us. I sat in the queue for over 20 minutes and finally reported him for griefing everyone doing the event.

First off, I can't add the guy to ignore because it only shows your captain's name in the event queue. There aren't any @handles on there so I can't ignore the guy since I don't know his account name.

Secondly, WHY don't we have a votekick option? One griefer ruined half of a whole one-hour event for every single player trying to finish the event at that time. How is this even allowed to happen?

The event queue system is heavily bugged, chances are it wasn't even the person you are mad at.

But I don't agree, vote kick systems are usually very stupid, people find stupid reasons to kick people. IE: In Mass Effect 3 I get kicked because of my score, regardless of the fact that I am well geared and able to do xyz difficulties. But /logic fails elitists, so this vote kick system will only encourage elitism and trolls. The two generally go in the same category.

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