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08-05-2012, 09:31 PM
In all of the tiers this is the only ship that interests me. Between performance deficiency and disinterest due to preference of playstyle that's it for me. I picked it up and shelled for 4 modules. At that cost nothing more is even remotely appealing.

I find it irksome there is no "fleet skin". If it were a fed ship I'd have every confidence it was a technical error or an unintentional omission. It is a KDF ship. They couldn't be bothered. While the bridge set up works for me and it's a nice piece of design in my eyes the change in values to upscale could have been jotted on a napkin over lunch and entered into the database on return.

So, I purchased my fleet ship and I had assumed a novel fleet skin. The one skin that doesn't actually have a name apart from a file name/ placeholder is lonely and could use the company. And take the time to label that one something crazy like, "material 1" so I'll be tricked into thinking you actually care.