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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
600 meters long and you think it should be an Escort?

It's a Cruiser hence the name "Shran-class battle cruiser".

The Federation doesn't have a Cruiser that can mount DHC's why not make this one it. Of course it's not just a matter of whacking the ship into the game they need to sort out licensing.
The Shran-class not being an Escort sounds reasonable, now that you mention it. Initially, I thought a tactical Andorian ship would complement the Vulcan science ship. On the other hand, the Tellarite warship (if we ever get it, that is ) could fill the Tac part.

Licensing: Actually, it is much easier to get novelverse stuff into the game than fan-made or licensed game material. CBS recently granted entry to the Vesta- and Merian-class, which come from ST novels (Destiny trilogy and VOY: Children of the Storm).

Personally, I hope to have an Aenar captain on an Andorian starship someday.
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