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Originally Posted by rickpaaa View Post
Ummm. Galor is not Federation. Neither is D'Kora. They are the best cruisers in the game though.

Seriously, I like Excelsior, but it needs a lot more hull. The Galaxy X is ok as long as moving is not required. I never got much love from the lance. I enjoyed Excelsior up to the point where I started running STFs, and Galaxy X (Plus Odyssey & BortasQ) up until I started doing elite. I believe it takes special skill and and building to make these ships work. If they aren't from a lock box, cruisers are difficult to love on elite, and fleet content.
I can make cruisers dance on elite, but to do so for the flagships ... I dumped almost all of those frilly silly consoles which were too under powered to justify their continued use.

I run cruisers on both sides of the zone. ... and the fleet cruisers are fun on both sides as well.

We'zz hazz purple fleet K'T'ingazzzz.

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!