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08-06-2012, 05:50 AM
I'm not sure if it's the lack of PvP we've had lately or what. Everyone just seemed a whole lot tougher to kill. Maybe I am getting rusty. The MACO set is a great set to have. I am still missing the engine for the Mk XII but my Defiant build did have the deflector and the shield loaded with the Borg engine and console. I'm not too sure what I like better honestly. 2 MCAO and 2 Borg or 3 Borg and the MACO shield.

Z's Galaxy X though... She ate me alive every time I got too close. I felt like a mosquito flying around one of those electric bug zappers. Can't resist the light... ZAP!!! Dead! When I decided to shoot at her, she definitely made me regret that choice. Senshi's new build is also working out nice. I went straight for him when everyone else jumped ahead in the first space round. Those Mk XII beams hurt! I had to duck behind a planetary fragment for a second to pop off HE2 before unlooading everything I had at him. You are off to a great start on that build and didn't go down easy!