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# 45 Ody is ok
08-06-2012, 06:47 AM
Originally Posted by klingonwarrior01 View Post
If the Excelsior need more hull, how can the Galor be a good Ship? Both Ships have a basic Hull of 39k and ~51k with full Skill on Hull Strengh. Their Boff abilities are nearly the same... these Ships are equal.
You sound like you just have no Idea what to do with a Cruiser - no offense - maybe you are good with an Escort, but that doesnt mean every other Class sucks

I suck at playing as a Sci, but I've seen some pretty badass Sci-Ships though, like I've seen Rainbow-Noob Escorts. It is not the Ship that makes the difference, its the Player. #

Oh, and off course I know that the Galor and the D'Kora are no Fed Ships, but the avaible Equipment is depending on your Faction and the M.A.C.O. Shields + the three Borg Parts can turn every Cruiser in a Fortress^^
The Ody is an ok ship, whether it worth the price or not...that is debatable.

I am a TAC officer and fly escorts most of the time...but when I am in a lazy mood and need a change of pace, I will use my TAC Ody. It is a different mindset using this ship. I basically fly circles around whatever needs protecting and tank. I use it as a Beam Boat with Tetryon arrays (I would luv to put Phased Tetryon arrays on it but they are expensive on Exchange ) and just blow down the shields of whoever comes in range. I even throw heals from it even though I am a TAC guy. The other thing I do, when the Battleships and Siege Dreadsnoughts arrive, I go toe to toe with them and use Eject Plasma so the Escorts in the team can light them up as they sit there stuck.

I know some folks put the RCS consoles on it to make it turn better, but my attitude is who cares... use the consoles that beef up shields, hull repair, and weapon power and just blast away with the beam arrays. You would be surprised what simple weapon batteries will do and Beam Overload.

Again, I am not saying the Ody is a DPS machine by any means (I have two escorts that get a ton of attention from the NPC ships b/c of their DPS).... but if you build and play it right, it is very hard to blow up and it is very steady at beating on whoever is range.


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